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Accueil Pôle Recherche Parutions 2015 Special issue of Translation and Interpreting Studies 10:1 (2015)

Special issue of Translation and Interpreting Studies 10:1 (2015)


Edited by Sonia Colina and Claudia V. Angelelli

The University of Arizona / Heriot Watt University

[Translation and Interpreting Studies, 10:1]  2015.  v, 163 pp.

Publishing status: Available

DOI: 10.1075/tis.10.1


Table of Contents


T&I pedagogy in dialogue with other disciplines

Sonia Colina and Claudia V. Angelelli

Occasioning translator competence: Moving beyond social constructivism toward a postmodern alternative to instructionism

Donald C. Kiraly

8 – 32

The Internet in translation education: Two decades later

Miguel A. Jiménez-Crespo

33 – 57

Applying Task-Based Learning to translator education: Assisting the development of novice translators’ problem-solving expertise

Izumi Inoue and Christopher N. Candlin

58 – 86

I know languages, therefore, I can translate?: A comparison between the translation competence of foreign language and Interlingual Mediation students

Marija Zlatnar Moe, Tamara Mikolic Juznic and Tanja Žigon

87 – 107

L2 proficiency as predictor of aptitude for interpreting: An empirical study

Maria Jesus Blasco Mayor

108 – 132

Reacting to Translations Past: A game-based approach to teaching translation studies

Julie McDonough Dolmaya

133 – 152

Review essay

Differentiated instruction and language-specific translator training textbooks

Reviewed by Anastasiya Lakhtikova

153 – 160

Note on contributors

161 – 163


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