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Clearing the hurdle of multilingualism (Euractiv)


Jochen Hummel, 19 june 2015

Only four percent of online spending by Europeans is currently done through cross-border purchases, largely due to segmented national language markets, argues Jochen Hummel.

Jochen Hummel is the CEO of ESTeam and Coreon, two language software companies. Hummel is also the chairman of LT-Innovate, the association of the Language Technology Industry. EurActiv is a Media Partner of the annual LT-Innovate Summit, this year taking place on 25 and 26 June in Brussels.

The Digital Single Market (DSM) has been declared a European priority by the European Commission. Rightfully so! Software eats everything, and e-commerce is enjoying dramatic growth rates and thus heavy investment. Vice-President Andrus Ansip has nicely summarized the vision of the Digital Single Market: “Consumers need to be able to buy the best products at the best prices, wherever they are in Europe.” Read more...


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